Full grain cow leather

Mosf of the leather used in our products is full grain cowhide. These hides, from the top ten percent of cattle's leather, are selected for quality, strength, character and grain. They have not been altered in any way thereby allowing the natural makings and character to show through is generally much cleaner and has minimal scarring and insect bites. This results in a product of extremely high quality. Our products are hand-made one at the time in our factories by the most skilled craftsmen who maintain the highest quality standards in the world's leather industry.

Different parts of the skin

Different parts of cow skin can generally vary to 4 kinds— the belly, the backbone, the butt, and the neck. The belly part skin appears wrinklier and has more insect bites. The backbone is usually cut into square shape, it has less scars and more dense structure. On the contrary, the butt part is the most rubbed area so it has more scratches and scars. The neck can be distinguished by its crease and growth marks, it’s also the most easy part to tell whether its real leather or not. Japanese consumers specifically like the neck leather products due to the uniqueness, each one would have its own characters. We deliberately keep these natural marks of cow skin to show its original characters.


Variety of grain and style

There are lots of leathers styles in market,some luxury,some vintage.we have wide selection of leather for customers selection..